Wind, Wilshire Park

This is what happens with high winds following days and days of rain.


The soil becomes saturated and the force of the wind hitting that large mass of trunk and limbs causes entire trees to topple.


I’m sure this isn’t the only casualty around Portland due to yesterday’s high winds — reported gusts up to 67 mph at the airport!


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6 Responses to Wind, Wilshire Park

  1. annamadeit says:

    It always makes me sad to see fallen trees… The roadways were littered with trees and large branches when I drove home yesterday – it was pretty scary. And today, at a measure this morning, an entire portion of a fence had blown down. And to think it was only 67 mph gusts. Glad we’re not in the Philippines.

  2. Loree says:

    I saw that tree too, such a small amount of roots that came up with it! There are branches all around my neighborhood but no fallen trees that I noticed. I did see bits of sawdust in the roads I traveled on Friday, people were quick to clean up.

  3. Our neighbor lost a parking strip tree that was at least 50 years old. 😦 Thankfully, all houses were spared.

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