October 2014 Bloom Day

My glorybower tree, Clerodendrum trichotomum, has been flowering like mad all summer and I notice that it’s still going.  I didn’t get photos yesterday and it’s pouring rain right now so instead I’ll show yesterday’s shots of my loquat, Eriobotrya japonica.

Most of the flowers aren’t open yet.

loquat1I climbed up a ladder to get this shot:


Not super impressive, but I’m excited to see the first blooms on my tree.

This tree was a Craigslist acquisition in March.  It protested the move by dropping most of its leaves and looking pretty pathetic all spring, but gradually sprouted new leaves over the summer.

The overall picture of this tree is still pretty sad, but it will fill out over time.

loquat3I planted it in a spot where I had a western serviceberry, Amelanchier alnifolia, for over 15 years.

serviceberry1I loved the mottled bark of the serviceberry, the rosaceous leaves, and delicate flower clusters, but I got frustrated dealing with rust symptoms and also wanted an evergreen screening tree for this corner.

Take a peek at more Bloom Day flowers on May Dreams Gardens.

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3 Responses to October 2014 Bloom Day

  1. What a very interesting tree that I am not familiar with…and the fact it has settled in is even more wonderful!

  2. annamadeit says:

    I’m a big fan of the Clerodendrum – especially those cool seed heads, but good heavens, those Loquat leaves are so cool! Good find, and glad it bounced back for you!

  3. Loree says:

    You’re my craigslist hero! I shouldn’t have given up on my transplanted loquat so easily. It was that darn bloggers fling and trying to make things look good.

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