Tree tunnel

During these warm sunny days of this seemingly never-ending summer, I find myself searching for shade, lovely shade.  There isn’t much to be found in my own back yard due to lack of inspiration and decisiveness for a garden plan until very recently.  I’m envious of those SE Portland neighborhoods shaded by mature elms in Ladd’s Addition and Eastmoreland.

One of my favorite Portland drives at any time of year is on SE McLoughlin Boulevard. But summer is the best time — when the canopy of trees almost touch in the middle over head offering brief cool respite from the long days of bright sunshine.  Here’s the view north from the east edge of Westmoreland Park.


And south toward the Tacoma Street off ramp:


There’s a lot more light coming through than in past years.  Trees have been removed along the east side where the light rail is being expanded.  Bybee Boulevard overpass is partially closed during construction.



I’ve always called out “tree tunnel!” to my children in the car with me as we drive under the leafy passage.  Together we then silently acknowledge the unique feeling of traveling through a space created by the organic architecture of verdant growth.

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6 Responses to Tree tunnel

  1. darwinsbulldog says:

    My son and I use the word trunnel, a combination of tree and tunnel.

  2. Julie Fukuda says:

    When I was growing up in Euclid Ohio, the wonderful American Elms on Chardon Hill gave me the feeling of walking through a cathedral each day, especially going uphill on my way home from school with the afternoon sun lighting the road. Now all those elms are gone but they still live in my memory … and maybe in a watercolor painting that used to hang in my parents home.

  3. rindymae says:

    I grew up in Ladd’s Addition. The trees are amazing and I spent countless hours in the maple in front of our house.

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