The wishing tree

When I told Naomi that I discovered her favorite tree had been cut down, she expressed such sadness on her face.  But a minute later, she looked like this.


She was sitting in this tree in front of the church where her preschool is located.  It’s a wonderful gift to be able to live in the moment, and to be open to possibility — these are the lessons adults like me can learn from 5 -year-olds.  “Maybe this can be my new favorite tree,” she mused.

A while later we paid a visit to the Wishing Tree.



We read some of the wishes left by others.

tree_wish2     tree_wish1

Naomi added her own.



It can take a while to discover if something is really a favorite.  But in the mean time what’s better than finding one newly planted tree?  How about four?


After all, who can have just one favorite tree?


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