Bloom Day March 2014 – Azara microphylla

It is suddenly spring in Portland, and you can’t go anywhere without big puffy clouds of cherry blossoms jumping in front of you.  Magnolia blooms are not far behind.  But the tree I must bring to your attention has flowers that are far less showy and not a favorite color for most.  That intro won’t have you on the edge of your seat, but their delicious chocolatey fragrance should make you eager to run out and look for Azara microphylla now.

This is a favorite front yard Azara on NE 30th Ave between Killingsworth and Emerson, from November 2013 — not in bloom.


And here’s the blooming version, this one a front yard tree on the corner of NE Wygant and NE 21st Ave.


I wrote about this wonderful little tree last year, but had missed the blooms.  Now that I have three planted in my yard – newest one purchased on Xera’s retail site opening day this year, with flower buds on it (!) – I was definitely going to make sure I noticed this year.  These first two images are from March 3.


This one below is from March 14.  Still smells great – really, just like chocolate!


Check the Oregon State University landscape plant database for more information on this terrific evergreen tree.  And for more Bloom Day fun, make sure to visit our host at

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12 Responses to Bloom Day March 2014 – Azara microphylla

  1. It looks like spring is well on its way at your place. Love those fresh images.

  2. Elvis says:

    Xera is selling those little trees like hotcakes: I read that Loree and Heather both bought one, too. What a pretty and shapely thing – and the chocolate-scented flowers are a lovely seasonal bonus.

  3. Have you noticed one of the ones around the condo building on Killingsworth is falling over? I just saw it yesterday. I’m half tempted to go down there and stake it myself. BTW it was you who really got me admiring this plant and caused me to “have to have one, or errr two”…thanks!

  4. Layanee says:

    It’s so nice to learn a new plant on Bloom Day! Here I am still facing frozen ground but soon there will be more than the three tiny blooms showing in my garden.

  5. julieadolf says:

    Wow, what a stunning tree! I’m very excited to visit Portland for the first time this summer on the Garden Bloggers’ Fling. Are you attending? Happy Bloom Day to you!

  6. Amy Campion says:

    Julie, Thanks so much for pointing out where to find this tree! I hunted down the one on 21st today and smelled its cocoa fragrance for the first time. Yum! Love it.

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