Bloom Day January 2014

Witchhazel, genus Hamamelis, isn’t uncommon by any means, but the placement of this one at the street entryway makes a stunning appearance to passers by during the bleak months of bare branches.


This small tree is on NW Flanders between 17th and 18th Avenues.  Its cheerful blooms brighten the entrance to a childcare center. I enjoy the thought of wide-eyed little ones carried by in parents’ arms, attention captured by the vibrant color and curious form of these flowers.  Powerful fragrance too!


I don’t know which species this is. There are many to choose from, some species native to North America, others from Asia and hybrids as well.  Portland Nursery lists a variety along with some useful facts. Most with a height between 8-12 feet (some up to 20 feet), this shrub/small tree fits easily into a small garden.

For some midwinter cheer, please visit our Bloom Day host Carol and bloggers at

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6 Responses to Bloom Day January 2014

  1. What a beautiful specimen it is!

  2. Oh that’s a nice one! So graceful and full of blooms.

  3. Ricki Grady says:

    Really? Powerfully scented? I need to get my nose checked. Sure is a beauty though.

  4. Simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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