Fallen friend/felled foe

Early one weekend morning this past summer, I noticed someone digging in a curbside planting strip a block from my house while I was walking my dog.  As I approached, I noticed it was a neighbor.  It wasn’t her property, but she explained she was digging out weedy tree of heaven seedlings, Ailanthus altissima, for her neighbors whose home is now vacant.  It totally made my day to come upon this and I wondered if she thought I was a little nuts at how cheered I was by her actions.

Imagine how I felt as I discovered this going on at a friend’s house Monday as I just happened to drive by?


No, not a major pruning job, but the real deal — complete removal of two mature Ailanthus.  John of NW Tree Work kindly indulged my photo-documentation of their work, and even listened to me rant chatted with me for a bit about neighborhood Ailanthus problems.



I feel guilty for my celebratory mood after talking with my friend Mary, the homeowner, whose rational mind accepts that the right decision was made, and yet she struggles with a sense of loss.  Weed eradication, yes.  But also the end of shade, shelter, and the presence of two living, breathing organisms from one’s home environment.  I offered words of encouragement, pointing out how good it will feel to have her yard all planted up with plants she can love. It will all be so much better after it’s done, Mary!


(Here’s my original post about this species if you are left wondering why the sight of these stumps is such good news.)

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4 Responses to Fallen friend/felled foe

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    This is a great post to read. I hope they can get those roots out too. For some reason I can’t get to the main page to comment. Mom


  2. Friends who had several trees removed are now fighting increasing numbers coming up yards away from the removed plants. I hope she has better luck.

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