Spooky – weeping blue atlas cedar

Halloween is right around the corner.  I’m still busy mostly admiring the great fall foliage display around the city but as decorative skeletons and spiderwebs are adorning so many porches in the neighborhood, I’m also noticing these blue atlas cedars, Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca pendula’ — the ones with a weeping habit.  To me they look creepy.


I don’t think I could come up with a Halloween costume as frightening.  This one looks ready to launch an ambush at any moment:


IMG_2624   IMG_2620

This is a prominent and well-recognized specimen on the corner NE 21st and Fremont.


Its partner around the side hangs out over the sidewalk:

IMG_2740    IMG_2611

A  much younger tree, I wonder what will happen as it grows — which way will the spiral go?  Cute and whimsical in its current stage:


This tree has real potential for a dramatic focal point in the garden, but if you plant one be aware of the commitment — lots and lots of space, and staking is required for heavy lateral growth as it puts on girth.  Hardy to Zone 6.

If you dare, check out this monster revealed earlier in the year on Danger Garden’s blog.

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7 Responses to Spooky – weeping blue atlas cedar

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    I can’t say those look like anything I would like to keep under control. It reminds me a bit of that tree we saw in th gardens over the summer… growing down rather than up.

  2. Totally Halloween creepy! I just don’t know how anyone could sleep with one of those growing outside their window.

  3. Ricki Grady says:

    You found some really spooky specimens…or maybe it’s just the power of suggestion. I’ve always liked them.

  4. norie says:

    Wow! Talk about letting things grow free! You’d definitely never find that tree growing in ANY garden in Japan–unless it was a bonsai version tamed to the T! 🙂

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