Why my kids don’t have Halloween costumes yet

Even if you’re not crazy for trees, if you are in Portland Oregon right now, chances are you are having a hard time staying indoors.  It is sunny. And 70 degrees.  In October.


My memory of autumn in Portland from years past is that leaves change color and drop.  But then the rain turns all the leaves to ankle deep curbside brown mush, and the next time you see a dry leaf is when you scrape them off your tire mud flaps in the spring.  Don’t get me wrong — I love the rainy weather here.  But if there is any time of year when I do appreciate dryness it’s right now.


My dog hates going out in the rain.  So during these sunny days I’ve been spoiling her with walks that go for 1-2 hours.


I’m thoroughly enjoying the swish-swish of my feet through the dry leaves and the crunching of walnut shells and acorn caps beneath the soles of my shoes, raking leaves out in front with my daughter, or collecting them as we make our daily travels.  We hear the calls of migrating Canada geese overhead as the slanting light of the October sun warms our faces.  Housework will just have to wait.  (Hey, at least my sidewalk is clean.)  I wish the Halloween costumes could be postponed until the rain chases us indoors too.


I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful time of changing seasons wherever you are.  In Portland, see Kate Bryant’s 2012 Portland Monthly article suggesting great fall foliage walks.

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8 Responses to Why my kids don’t have Halloween costumes yet

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    I love the pictures. I would be outside too! Kids can come up with their own Halloween costumes.
    (Or I could send you some Scout uniforms and they could do good turns… like helping old ladies across the street and sharing their goodies)

  2. annamadeit says:

    This weather is amazing! I’m enjoying it while it lasts. 🙂

  3. I haven’t let one second of this weather go to waste, it has been amazing, how did we get so lucky?

  4. Ricki Grady says:

    September and October seem to have switched places, but I’ll take this weather any time we can get it.

  5. missdovey says:

    thanks for the link to the fall foliage tour! portland has amazing fall color.

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