Thanks, Craigslist: my garden trees #3

I’m envious of people I know who have good thrift store karma.  Do you have friends like that?  Are you one of them yourself?  I can spend a whole day visiting thrift stores and come home empty-handed, or with a few passable items.  It’s gotten a bit better since there are now 5 of us in my family so that I have a good chance of finding something that will be valued by at least one of us.  Although I should say 4 instead of 5 since my husband refuses to wear anything previously owned by someone he doesn’t know.

I’ve never been a great user of Craigslist because I assumed my poor luck at thrift stores would spill over into that arena as well.  But finding some decent patio furniture on Craigslist and lucking into a new tree discovery earlier this summer has buoyed me on.

I saw this posted to Craigslist in early August:


Good deal, right?  I think it would be over $100 to get a tree this size in a nursery.  I thought about it being the wrong time of year for digging up and transplanting trees.  I inquired and the seller was motivated to get rid of it to make way for a new landscaping project.  I went away on vacation thinking that if it was gone before I returned, then my dilemma would be solved.

A couple weeks later the tree was still available.  And so after a long, hot afternoon of hard work on the part of my husband, it is in my back yard.


All the leaves were droopy when it arrived.


It’s in a temporary location right now.  I hope it survives transplanting! I’m still thinking about where to put this tree.  It could end up west of the patio to provide relief from the hot afternoon sun, after I move the stubby vine maple trio that is currently in that spot.  My original idea was to replace the front yard quaking aspen, Populus tremuloides, but I might want to know the exact cultivar for a tree planted here.


I love quaking aspen.  But this tree is a lesson for me that I can love a tree without having it in my yard —  it’s too big, but the bigger problem now is suckering in my plant beds, and in the neighbor’s newly landscaped front yard.

IMG_6798      IMG_6796

Talking with neighbors out front about tree issues led to a proposal to combine our tree removal jobs for a good deal from a resident arborist.  Sounds good to me! My fall and winter planting project list is growing…

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5 Responses to Thanks, Craigslist: my garden trees #3

  1. annamadeit says:

    Nice! It sounds as if it was meant to be. I hope it takes to its new location – wherever that will turn out to be! My husband has mega-thriftstore-karma. He always finds the most amazing stuff. I don’t have half his scavenging luck, unfortunately.

  2. Wait, you actually care about how your plantings effect your neighbors? Thanks crazy (and I love it). Yay for Craigslist trees, goods job!

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