In the ballpark


I first posted about this tree here, in early April.  I didn’t know the species, but made a guess.  It turns out I’m wrong.  That’s OK.  But it’s embarrassing that in my post I talked about bypassing the use of a dichotomous key in favor of using google images to identify trees.  It doesn’t always work, obviously.

I noticed this tree at our local Little League field, and at the time it was leafing out in green foliage with white inflorescences in racemes, looking like this:

IMG_3120     IMG_3094

When I noticed this tree and posted that I thought it was Prunus padus, I saw a few that appeared to be the same around NW 21st and Flanders on my daily route.  After a while, I observed the foliage turning purple on those trees, and so I wasn’t surprised to come back and find this, the same tree 2 months later.


So, did I make any collections and get out my botanical resources to key it out? No, I did not.  But with the added clue of foliage that emerges green then changes to purple I’m getting within the ballpark, a cultivar of Prunus virginana, which is a type of chokecherry.

It’s interesting, the green new growth popping out from the purple mass of older foliage.


Not many fruits to be seen, but here’s a few green ones I could find.  They’ll get darker as they ripen.


One of the goals I had for this blog was to get me to pay closer attention to trees I see on a regular basis and to notice more, which is already happening. Learning through making mistakes — I’m good at it!

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One Response to In the ballpark

  1. If you never make mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough, right? I’m always drawn to purple foliage, and that prunus is a pretty little thing.

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