a few random things

Interested in tree identification and looking for some help?  Check out this free workshop at the Midland branch of Multnomah County Library 805 SE 122nd Avenue, tomorrow from 11:00 to 12:30.  Portland Neighborhood Tree Stewards will provide instruction on how to use tree identification books and then put skills to work on a walk.  Wish I could make it to this one.  I hope they’ll offer it again.

Next, congratulations to Xera on the opening of their retail location on SE 11th and Clay.  Grand opening tomorrow — lots of nice things to see and buy.  As for trees, they have a great selection of crepe myrtles well suited to our climate.  Also a current favorite of mine, Azara microphylla.  Go check ’em out.


Nice to see this Ailanthus altissima doing something positive — providing shade for these lovely nursery plants.  (Hopefully it’s not a female tree!)

Finally, today I’m celebrating my 5th grader on his last day of school followed by a graduation ceremony tonight, and big party to top it off.  In the fall he’ll begin middle school.  I didn’t care for his formal school portrait this year, so yesterday after school I decided to try for something that captures Ben’s spirit.  I’m happy with this result.


Many thanks to teachers at Opal School for the years of nurturing a sense of wonder and love of inquiry in this tree-loving boy.

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2 Responses to a few random things

  1. Laura says:

    Great portrait! It brought a smile to my face. And did you buy anything at Xera?

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