I’m sorry, I take it back

Back in March, the subject of my Bloom Day post was a lovely street tree on NE Fremont between NE 13th and NE 14th Ave.  At that time, I made an unfair comparison between the show stopping evergreen magnolias covered in blooms and the adjacent trees with naked limbs.

I’m reminded that each tree has it’s time to shine, and this one gets equal billing.  I’m betting in the fall, we’ll be treated to Act II.


The foliage is so lush right now.  The leaves have an attractive triangular three-lobed shape, and vibrant color.



I’m not sure about the species, but I’m going with Liquidambar formosana, Formosan sweetgum.  If anyone can confirm, I’d be grateful to hear from you. Reviewing the March photo, it looks like the brown prickly sweetgum fruits are decorating the branches.

If you happen to stroll past this location, make sure to notice and enjoy both species of street trees.


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