New Seasons, New Trees

There’s new construction happening on N. Williams and Fremont, at the east end of the Fremont Bridge. Everyone knows by now that it’s the newest New Seasons Market, due to open summer 2013.


Of course what interests me most about the project is this:



New street trees planted on along three sides of the block.  They were unfamiliar to me, so I emailed New Seasons and soon got a friendly reply to my question, identifying the trees as cork trees, Quercus suber.

What do I like about these?  First, in early spring at time of planting, I noticed foliage — broadleaf evergreen, yes!


IMG_4290          IMG_4299

And then of course there’s the bark.

IMG_4285    IMG_4296

Distinctive.  Cool.    And yes, this is the tree species from which cork is harvested.

Knowing nothing about this species, I had to look it up and found some useful notes from Cistus Nursery on  “Beautiful and useful street tree.”  Indeed.  Drought tolerant.  I like it.  It’s great to see something different planted in a prominent location.

  • 50 feet or more
  • Evergreen oak tree with alternate, simple leaves, thick bark
  • Native to the Mediterranean region, grown for commercial cork harvesting in Portugal, Spain
  • Hardy to USDA zone 7
  • Sun and well-drained soil
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3 Responses to New Seasons, New Trees

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    And that cork is used for corking wine bottles. I just watched a program talking about that facet!

  2. You might enjoy the photos here of a rather large (beautiful) Quercus suber, along with many other trees. I love your close up of the new foliage…

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