PSU Millar Libary Copper Beech – Heritage Tree #54


I cannot count the number of hours I stared out the window at this tree while studying in the Portland State University Brandford P. Millar Library.  I haven’t been over to visit in a long time.  Thanks to my friend Allen Hauser, who works in this building and often carries his camera, I have these images to share taken in April this year.

Here’s the view of this copper beech, Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea,’  from the inside of the building.



The leaf colors change constantly from spring to fall, with endless variations of purple, red, brown and orange.  The leafless winter form is attractive too.  How fortunate that the curved facade of this building was designed to accommodate this majestic specimen.

Planted in approximately 1890, it was designated a Heritage Tree in 1995.  It now has a height and spread of about 80 feet and a circumference of over 18 feet.  The library, located between SW Harrison and Hall on the South Parks Blocks, is open to the public so stop by and admire this tree outside from down below or from all levels indoors.

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