…and then there were two

On Saturday I brought home my new 6 1/2 foot tall Cryptomeria japonica ‘Sekkan sugi’ (50% off at Hidden Gardens, Camas, WA). The color should improve with a little love.


IMG_4218         IMG_4220

On Sunday, I asked my husband if he would like to remove one of the Leyland cypress trees before doing anything else.  I completely expected him to refuse given everything else he had to get done that day, so I was surprised and pleased that he easily agreed.  What a great guy — the fact that he cares so little about plants and gardening makes me all the more appreciative of his support.  Also, he had no criticism or complaint even though I *know* he’s dumbfounded by my planting stuff and then removing everything as soon as it gets mature.  (I haven’t told him  yet about the quaking aspen…) I’m glad now that there wasn’t time to accommodate my last minute hesitation.

I don’t think I can spend a summer in my yard without green, so the other two Leyland cypress will go away in the fall.

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7 Responses to …and then there were two

  1. How exciting! (and what a nice husband)

  2. Merri says:

    Nice feet, too!

  3. Julie Fukuda says:

    Cryptomeria japonica? I think that will get a lot bigger than what you have now and hopefully no one will be allergic to the pollen in the spring.

  4. Laura says:

    Major score! On the tree and on your hubby’s help.

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