May 2013 Foliage Follow-up: Dappled Willow


This was the most interesting foliage I encountered on my walk this morning, a pair of dappled (or Nishiki) willow, Salix integra ‘Hakuro Nishiki.’ Seemed like a standout for today’s Foliage Follow-up post.  I can’t think of another tree that has this amount of white coloration in the leaves.  I also kind of like its wild look, with limbs sticking out straight in all directions.  Visit Pam Penick’s blog, Digging, for other foliar displays.



Pink is also present in the leaf veins and new twigs.  I didn’t see leaves with an obvious overall pink cast on these trees, but it can show up to varying degrees in this cultivar.


Dappled willow seems like a good choice for a landscape tree for those who prefer a view from indoors with brightness.  Deciduous, so doesn’t block the light during our winter months of gloomy skies, and palest of foliage that continues the same effect during the growing season.

Here are the particulars on this tree as found on

  • Deciduous, leaves variegated
  • Mature height around 10 feet tall, but withstands hard pruning for controlled height and shape
  • USDA Zones 5b to 9b (although OSU lists it as hardy to zone 4)
  • Regular water, and rich well-drained soil


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5 Responses to May 2013 Foliage Follow-up: Dappled Willow

  1. Hoov says:

    Beautiful little tree–probably too thirsty for my climate, but it looks wonderful in yours.

  2. Kim M. says:

    That’s a lovely willow. I’m really taken with that edging in the last picture, though. Are those boxwoods clipped to a paddle shape, or…? Whatever they are, they’re very pretty and fun!

  3. Pam/Digging says:

    Oh my, that is stunning! I thought at first it was covered in white flowers, but to realize it’s the foliage color is a fun surprise.

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