Bloom Day May 2013 – King Neighborhood, NE Portland

Happy Bloom Day!  Make a visit over to Carol’s blog to see what’s blooming all over the place, near and far.

I noticed blooms driving past a Liriodendron in NW Portland so I visited this Heritage tree again and found it flowering too. Difficult to capture, most of the flowers were up high.


And right below it was a snowbell, Styrax sp., full of starry white flowers.



One can hardly ignore the dogwoods round about now, common as they are.  I like the ones with the greenish white bracts.


This Lavalle hawthorn tree, Crataegus lavallei, was buzzing with bee activity.



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11 Responses to Bloom Day May 2013 – King Neighborhood, NE Portland

  1. Marie says:

    Great photography! It’s hard to get the Liriodendron flowers!

  2. commonweeder says:

    beautiful photos. I love this season when we are surrounded by blooming trees, lots of flowering crab, and the fruit trees in local nurseries, reddbuds, serviceberry and more. Beauty!

  3. Julie Fukuda says:

    Those dogwoods look like Japanese “Yamaboshi”,Here in Tokyo, the Japanese love the Cornus florida, and plant them all over but I like those so much better because the flowers come out when the leaves are on and last so much longer. I love your pictures and I have to say our Liriodendrons are so tall one can hardly even see the flowers, let alone photograph them!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m so happy to have found your blog. I too love trees, so I’m going to happily follow along on your adventures.

  5. Scott Weber says:

    The Styrax is so lovely…I’ve been enjoying the blooms of the Chestnut trees starting…they are always beautiful…and people just gape at them the first time they see one blooming!

  6. annamadeit says:

    Beautiful photos! My Snowbell is just about to burst open, so in a few days (if the rain stops) I will pull up a chair underneath it and just inhale…. so good! 🙂

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