Heritage Tree #285 Pearson Farm Ponderosa Pine

Today while the Arbor Day festivities were taking place on the Park Blocks downtown, I was occupied with things on the home front.  But I was able to walk the dog and visit a noteworthy Heritage Tree.  I’m embarrassed to say that I have never even noticed this tree at the corner of NE 29th and Fremont.  Seems impossible to miss.  It is 120 feet tall, with a spread of 60 feet and a circumference of over 14 feet.




A view of the entire tree is impressive, as is the view upwards from underneath.


But my favorite part of the tree is the deeply furrowed and orange-toned bark.  Here’s a closer look.


Here’s a bit more information about this tree and its original 20-acre farm site on the Alameda History blog and a little bit more from Portland Parks and Recreation.

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5 Responses to Heritage Tree #285 Pearson Farm Ponderosa Pine

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    I like the image of that tree as a sentinel, watching over time and space.

  2. Yes, I certainly had a strong sense of this, standing at the foot of this tree.

  3. darwinsbulldog says:

    My wife and kids went to the Arbor Festival at PSU today!

      • darwinsbulldog says:

        They perused the tables, listened to a speech, shared that my son had taken pictures with 2 heritage trees, had a yummy lunch at the farmer’s market, took pictures of the Friends of Trees tree mascot, and spent a little time at Central Library. I am usually the one to take our kids out and go do things away from the house, but it was a nice chance for my wife to do so (she’s got the full-time job).

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