There’s a wonderful school yard at Meek School, NE 40th and Alberta, where I often go, joining other dog owners to take advantage of a wide fenced in field for dogs who need to run.


While I’m there I’m focused on playing with the dog, while also trying to keep an eye out for the safety of any kids who are with me.  So I hadn’t really closely examined the trees planted here, but I did take note that the selection was odd — not your regular every day school yard trees.  Recently I learned through the Friends of Trees blog about this Concordia Tree Team project. Yesterday I took a closer look.

Oaks that retain their leaves, and conifers that drop their needles.  OK, maybe not that unusual, but opposite of what one might first think.

IMG_3180    IMG_3186

I couldn’t resist examining them up close:

IMG_3254    IMG_3229

Other than the ginkgos and umbrella pines, I don’t recognize any of these.  When they’re more fully leafed out I can work on getting to know who’s who.  But from the online project write-up, I know that the list includes:  oaks (including canyon live oak), three different types of hackberry trees, umbrella pines, and deciduous conifers dawn redwood and a bald cypress. Today I just appreciated the beauty of both familiar features and the unusual character of these emerging leaves.

IMG_3240   IMG_3187

IMG_3220   IMG_3199

IMG_3245   IMG_3190   IMG_3209   IMG_3171

IMG_3258   IMG_3252

Note the contrasting undersides of the leaves below:

IMG_3204   IMG_3205

The form of some trees was interesting too:

IMG_3198   IMG_3185


I love the bright color of this foliage.


I hope to post more useful and detailed information on this special place in the future.

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