I think one of the (many) reasons I love trees is that I’m really not into flowers and blooms all that much.  I love green, and I love foliage.  But at this time of year, even I can appreciate this view.


Yes, it’s cherry blossom time.  I have no idea if this means more to me because of growing up in Japan, or if many people find that this sight breathtakingly beautiful.  In Japan a lot of significance is attached to cherry blossoms — more than I know on the subject can be found here.    “Hanami” (literally “flower viewing”) is an important tradition in Japan, celebrated with picnics under cherry blossoms in full bloom.  I haven’t attended the event before, but this year is the Third Annual “Sakura Sunday” cherry blossom festival in Portland:  April 7, 2013 at the Japanese American Historical Plaza from noon to 3PM.

I have been wanting to get down to the waterfront to photograph the blossoms at the Plaza, but this is spring break week, and family life is particularly busy.  I fear the blossoms will have dropped before I can make it to that location, so these shots (taken today on the way from soccer day camp to baseball practice) from a less glamorous spot at the corner of N. Williams and NE Sumner will have to do.


IMG_2754      IMG_2759


Earlier today, I was disappointed that I might miss the waterfront cherry blossoms this year.  Maybe I’ll still get there, but I realize now that I feel very content to have taken the time to appreciate viewing the ones I did encounter today.  I wonder how many other lesser known cherry blossom viewing places we have around Portland?


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2 Responses to Sakura

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    Cherries bloomed early in Tokyo and I fear there will be little left to view for those parties scheduled for April.

  2. Basho wrote, as translated by Robert Aitken,
    How many, many things
    They bring to mind–
    Cherry blossoms!

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