Bloom Day March 2013: NE Fremont and 14th Ave

Happy Spring! (Not official, of course, but really — it has arrived in Portland. See this report.)

While daffodils and tulips are putting smiles on the faces of many folks in Portland, I’m hardly noticing as my face is turned upwards toward this view.  Confession:  I took these photos yesterday and the day before, but judging from the abundant flower buds, there’s no way that the blooms aren’t still happening today.


There are two kinds of trees planted along this block in alternate arrangement.  But I have to admit, at least during this time of year, I am only noticing the ones with the huge, creamy white blooms. I wouldn’t want to be the tree standing flanked by these, would you?  See what I mean…


Even before the flowers showed up, I admired the evergreen (or semi-evergreen?) foliage each time I drove by.  Lovely the way the leaves are held — “recurved” is the botanical term, maybe? Wow, does anyone know what kind of magnolia these are?  I’m assuming that’s what this tree is, even though the leaves don’t show a contrasting brown indumentum.  I really don’t know anything about magnolias but these flowers seem so early…



IMG_2565 IMG_2523 IMG_2564   IMG_2515

Speaking of Magnolias, I just stumbled across this.  Hoyt Arboretum is having a tour of blooming Magnolias on April 4 from noon to 1pm.  I might have to go so I can learn more about them.  It’s definitely worth checking out their entire list of events.

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2 Responses to Bloom Day March 2013: NE Fremont and 14th Ave

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    I would definitely go for the tour. At Jiyu they have a big Magnolia grandiflora that has evergreen leaves and flowers much like these.At the Nishi Eifuku station there was a “kobushi”, Magnolia kobus and one street in our neighborhood is lined on both sides with Magnolia heptapeta. Both of those are deciduous but spectacular in bloom and the fuzzy buds are fun to watch all winter. The second one sometimes blooms again in the late summer.

  2. Marie says:

    Gorgeous blooms!

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