Tree of the week

A stunning landscape feature on N. Killingsworth St, I stopped last week to ask about these when I saw the the gardener working at McMenamin’s Chapel Pub.


I guessed Japanese cedar, Cryptomeria japonica, but didn’t know the variety.  It’s ‘Elegans aurea.’  Doesn’t it look gorgeous with the darker Ceanothus  shrubs and airy texture of Juncus? Under yesterday’s overcast sky the foliage was fairly glowing.  He says it gets to be about 20 feet tall, and these looked to me to be around 12 feet.  Technically maybe it is a tall shrub and not a tree. Though the cultivars are smaller, the species does get to be 50-60 feet.  But these are not the only interesting feature in this landscaped area.  I recommend a closer look around the entire grounds.  A guided walk would be wonderful.


I’ve never planted a Cryptomeria in my yard although I have admired various cultivars over the years.  It might be because I associate it with my father’s very severe pollen allergies.  In Japan my father drinks a tea made from flowers collected from this tree as a remedy.

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One Response to Tree of the week

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    This has been a very poor year for those with allergies to Sugi pollen, with a bumper crop of flowers. One of my blogging friends in Nikko posted pictures of the puffing clouds of pollen along the famous road lined with “cedar” trees. Luckily, since last year, papa has been completely cured of that terrible allergy and I don’t have to run around in the cold of January picking the male flowers.

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