Hello and welcome to Portland Tree Tour.  I notice trees as I drive kids around and walk my dog in Portland, Oregon.  As someone who loves gardening, birding, hiking, and being outdoors in general, I can’t stop noticing and admiring trees. My hope is that others will also notice and admire them, so here I go.


One day last month, my daughter wanted to ride her bike around the neighborhood.  I had an idea to take the camera with me to capture something for this blog. I mentioned nothing to Naomi, yet she stopped and got off her bike and approached a tree that I would not have noticed – a Japanese snowbell, a small specimen with dessicated brown fruits still clinging to its otherwise bare winter branches. Touching them, she remarked, “Isn’t this beautiful?  I stopped my bike so I could admire it.”  I took a photo of her next to the tree.  We continued on with our walk, and I noticed we were passing Richard Seidman’s former house from the days he lived in the neighborhood and was Executive Director of Friends of Trees.


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One Response to Welcome

  1. Julie Fukuda says:

    Those Snowbell trees are native to Japan and it is rare to see such a stunted version. I also have never seen the fruit dried and hanging on the tree. The skin of the fruit can be used for laundry soap or as an anesthetic to catch fish. The wood is used as the central hub in Japanese Bamboo umbrellas because it is so strong and can withstand wear, How great of Naomi to notice the beauty of a bare tree.

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